Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Types of paratha

Paratha or parantha means layered Indian flat bread or simply layered roti.

Some varieties of paratha, palata or farata are given here.

  • Ajwain paratha (layered paratha laced with carom seeds called omam in Tamil and ajwain in Hindi)

  • Aloo paratha or Aalu paratha (stuffed with spicy boiled potato and onions mix)

  • Band gobi paratha (stuffed with cabbage)

  • Batuha Paratha

  • Boondi Paratha (stuffed with salty boondi & baked with ghee)

  • Bottle gourd Paratha or Lauki Paratha

  • Ceylon paratha

  • Channa Dal paratha (stuffed with Bengal gram or chick peas)

  • Chena Paratha

  • Chicken Paratha

  • Chili paratha or Mirchi Paratha

  • Dal paratha (stuffed with boiled and mashed dal)

  • Dhaniya Paratha

  • Egg paratha, Muttai purotta or Anda paratha

  • Gajar Paratha or carrot paratha

  • Gobhi paratha or cauliflower paratha

  • Jaipuri paratha

  • Keema paratha or Qeema Paratha (Paratha stuffed with minced meats)

  • Kerala paratha or porotta

  • Lachha paratha - Tandoori (Round in shape with multiple layers traditionally prepared in a tandoor)

  • Lachha paratha - Tawa wali (Triangular in shape with multiple layers interspaced with ghee)

  • Mattar paratha (stuffed with boiled, mashed and flavoured green peas)

  • Meetha Paratha (Stuffed with sugar)

  • Methi paratha (stuffed with fenugreek leaves)

  • Mooli Paratha (Raddish stuffed paratha)

  • Mughlai paratha (a deep fried stuffed paratha filled with egg and minced meat)

  • Mutton Paratha

  • Onion paratha, Vengaya paratha or Pyaz ka paratha

  • Palak Paratha

  • Paneer paratha or cottage cheese paratha

  • Parton wala Paratha

  • Plain paratha (layered roti without any stuffing except ghee and baked with ghee)

  • Pork Paratha

  • Pudina purotta or Podeena paratha (laced with dry mint)

  • Putthay taway ka Paratha

  • Roti paratha

  • Sattu paratha (stuffed with spiced roasted gram flour)

  • Sugar paratha (layered with caramelized sugar, taken as dessert)

  • Tandoori Paratha

  • Tomato paratha 

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