Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fenugreek Paratha

It is a type of Indian flat bread with layers.
Tamil name: Venthaya Roti or Vendhaya purotta
Hindi name: Methi Paratha

·        Whole wheat flour:  2 cups
·        Edible oil or ghee: 2 tbsp
·        Chopped fenugreek leaves (methi): ½ cup
·        Oil to shallow fry
·        Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

·        Mix wheat flour, salt, ghee/oil and methi (fenugreek) leaves.
·        Using warm water, make a smooth, soft and pliable dough.
·        Take table tennis ball sized dough.
·        Roll it into flat parathas of about ½ cm thickness.
·        Use dry plain flour for dusting, to help in rolling.
·        Heat skillet or tava.
·        Place paratha on the hot skillet.
·        After a while flip the paratha and put some oil on top.
·        Again flip it and put oil on top.
·        Cook on both sides until nice brown spots occur.
·        Repeat for all the dough.

Serve hot with chutney.

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