Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fenugreek Paratha

It is a type of Indian flat bread with layers.
Tamil name: Venthaya Roti or Vendhaya purotta
Hindi name: Methi Paratha

·        Whole wheat flour:  2 cups
·        Edible oil or ghee: 2 tbsp
·        Chopped fenugreek leaves (methi): ½ cup
·        Oil to shallow fry
·        Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

·        Mix wheat flour, salt, ghee/oil and methi (fenugreek) leaves.
·        Using warm water, make a smooth, soft and pliable dough.
·        Take table tennis ball sized dough.
·        Roll it into flat parathas of about ½ cm thickness.
·        Use dry plain flour for dusting, to help in rolling.
·        Heat skillet or tava.
·        Place paratha on the hot skillet.
·        After a while flip the paratha and put some oil on top.
·        Again flip it and put oil on top.
·        Cook on both sides until nice brown spots occur.
·        Repeat for all the dough.

Serve hot with chutney.

Types of paratha

Paratha or parantha means layered Indian flat bread or simply layered roti.

Some varieties of paratha, palata or farata are given here.

  • Ajwain paratha (layered paratha laced with carom seeds called omam in Tamil and ajwain in Hindi)

  • Aloo paratha or Aalu paratha (stuffed with spicy boiled potato and onions mix)

  • Band gobi paratha (stuffed with cabbage)

  • Batuha Paratha

  • Boondi Paratha (stuffed with salty boondi & baked with ghee)

  • Bottle gourd Paratha or Lauki Paratha

  • Ceylon paratha

  • Channa Dal paratha (stuffed with Bengal gram or chick peas)

  • Chena Paratha

  • Chicken Paratha

  • Chili paratha or Mirchi Paratha

  • Dal paratha (stuffed with boiled and mashed dal)

  • Dhaniya Paratha

  • Egg paratha, Muttai purotta or Anda paratha

  • Gajar Paratha or carrot paratha

  • Gobhi paratha or cauliflower paratha

  • Jaipuri paratha

  • Keema paratha or Qeema Paratha (Paratha stuffed with minced meats)

  • Kerala paratha or porotta

  • Lachha paratha - Tandoori (Round in shape with multiple layers traditionally prepared in a tandoor)

  • Lachha paratha - Tawa wali (Triangular in shape with multiple layers interspaced with ghee)

  • Mattar paratha (stuffed with boiled, mashed and flavoured green peas)

  • Meetha Paratha (Stuffed with sugar)

  • Methi paratha (stuffed with fenugreek leaves)

  • Mooli Paratha (Raddish stuffed paratha)

  • Mughlai paratha (a deep fried stuffed paratha filled with egg and minced meat)

  • Mutton Paratha

  • Onion paratha, Vengaya paratha or Pyaz ka paratha

  • Palak Paratha

  • Paneer paratha or cottage cheese paratha

  • Parton wala Paratha

  • Plain paratha (layered roti without any stuffing except ghee and baked with ghee)

  • Pork Paratha

  • Pudina purotta or Podeena paratha (laced with dry mint)

  • Putthay taway ka Paratha

  • Roti paratha

  • Sattu paratha (stuffed with spiced roasted gram flour)

  • Sugar paratha (layered with caramelized sugar, taken as dessert)

  • Tandoori Paratha

  • Tomato paratha 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Boneless Chicken Pakoda

It is a crispy, delicious tea time snack, also called chicken pakora and kozhi pakkoda.


·        Boneless chicken pieces (small): 250 gram
·        Gram flour: 200gram
·        Turmeric powder: a pinch
·        Lemon juice: 1 tbsp
·        Ginger garlic paste: 1 tbsp
·        Red chili powder: 2 tbsp
·        Garam masala powder: 1tsp
·        Chopped curry leaves: a little
·        Chopped coriander leaves: a little
·        Edible oil for frying
·        Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

·        Prepare marinade using turmeric powder, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste and salt.
·        Marinate the chicken pieces for about 30 minutes.
·        In a bowl, add gram flour, red chili powder, garam masala powder, curry leaves and coriander leaves.
·        Add a little water and make a thick batter.
·        Transfer the marinated chicken pieces to this batter, mix well and wait for about 5 minutes.
·        Heat oil in a frying pan.
·        Deep fry chicken with batter.
·        Remove from oil.

·        Serve hot with or without chutney or ketch up.