Thursday, January 11, 2018

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Roti Making Machine

Roti Making Machine at Golden Temple, Amritsar

This Automatic Machine works and helps in feeding  many thousands of people everyday.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Stuffed Chilly Bajji

Stuffed Chilli Bajji (milagai bajji, Mirchi bajji, menasinakai bajji, mirapakaya bajji) is a tasty and popular tea time snack. Stuffed Chilli adds taste and flavour to the bajji. The chillies used for this kind of bajjis are stout and less spicy. The strong spicy taste can be reduced by removing the seeds. These chilies are then stuffed with potato filling along with some spices.

Friday, November 24, 2017

MGR's breakfast in a restaurant

Ramu (MGR) is an innocent and cowardly one. He is the heir to all riches of Poonjolai Jamin. He has been raised that way by Susheela (Pandari Bai) and his sister's husband Narendran Gajendran (M. N. Nambiar). Ramu shivers at the very mention of his brother in law's name and a whiplash is Narendran's favorite form of punishment. Narendran wants to get Ramu married to Leela (B. Saroja Devi) for her wealth and he demands dowry, but she is turned off by his cowardice.
Narendran plans to take all off Ramu's wealth and kick him out of the house. Ramu over hears this and runaway.
Ilango (MGR) is a jobless young man, prone to pick a fight and for this reason, he cause trouble for his mother(Rushyendramani). Ilango chase a thief who steal Leela's purse and Leela takes him home mistaking him as Ramu. Ilango enjoys their attention and does not reveal his true identity to them.
Meanwhile, Santha a village girl finds Ramu who is now unconscious due to hunger and bring him home to his mother Rushyendramani. Ilango teaches a lesson to Narendran while Ramu learns the ways of the world.
Narendran is angered as Ilango interferes in factory matters and made him powerless in front of the workers. He beats his wife susheela accusing her for encouraging Ilango. A fight ensues between Ilango and Narendran, Narendran leave the house with his sister and daughter, Meena.
Due to this, Susheela fall ill and Narendran rejects Ilango's request to come home. Ilango decides to leave and reveal that he was not Ramu through a letter to Narendran. Narendran kidnaps Govindan who is a friend of Ilango and get to know about his whereabouts. Narendran's goons kidnap Ramu mistaking him for Ilango.
The rest of the story reveals that Ramu and Ilango are brothers who got separated during their childhood. Ilango was adopted by a childless couple. Ilango comes to rescue Ramu and after a fight Narendran see them together and have a change of heart.

The film ends happily with Ramu marrying Santha and Ilango marrying Leela with the blessings of Narendran and all family members.

Mutton Nalli Gravy

How to make healthy mutton Nalli Gravy. How to cook Mutton Nalli Gravy.