Monday, February 14, 2011


Indian Cheese, Cottage Cheese, paneer, or panir gives a rich and creamy flavour when used in cooking.


·        Full cream milk: 1 Litre

·        Lemon juice: 1tblsp

Method of preparation:

·        Boil the milk and add the lemon juice.

·        Continue boiling till the milk curdles completely.

·        Filter with the help of a muslin cloth.

·        Add water generously and continue filtering to remove the sour taste.

·        Wrap the muslin cloth and squeeze so as to get paneer.

·        Place this wrapped paneer on a stainer and place any heavy weight on top of it so as to drain the left over traces of water and to obtain firm paneer.

·        Wait for about an hour or more and take out the paneer from the cloth.

·        Cut into pieces according to your requirement.

Paneer is used in dishes like Mattar paneer, Saag paneer or Palak paneer, Shahi paneer, Shahi tukda, Paneer tikka, Kadai paneer, Chili Paneer, Paneer pakora or Paneer fritters, Rasmalai, Rasgulla, Paneer Capsicum, etc.


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